DIY Shower Curtains,2 meter long shower curtains

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The dangling shower pole it a nice and cheap choice for a different look to your shower. The pole also eliminates the need for two wall space for support. This program works great on freestanding tubs and areas where privacy is certainly needed, indoors or out. You don't want a lot of mechanised abilities to build this kit, simply a small endurance. Popular Shower Curtains

Shower curtains red and white,The pursuing will offer the standard house owner or professional installer the necessary components and steps needed to total the shower pole task.

The components

1. 2 - 1/2" a 12" attention bolts shower curtains green.

shower curtains costco,2. 2 - 1/2" -13 x 1-3/4" fishing rod coupling nut

Glitter ombre - white marble & rose gold glitter Shower CurtainGlitter ombre - white marble & rose gold glitter Shower Curtain

3. 2 - 1/2" -13 x 12" uss/rough zinc plated Threaded Rod 2 meter long shower curtains.

Photo Shower Curtains

shower curtain stall,4. 4 - 1/2" hex nut products uss

5. 4 - 1/2" round cut cleaners

6. 2 - 5/8" circular slice washers